Update at Madera (2/2)

Another day is in the book at Madera. Our group is halfway through our journey. Today our focus was on the nursery school’s facility needs, St. Ann’s kitchen, serving and bathroom areas and their access to water. Additionally, revenue producing farming concepts for each of the schools was reviewed. John and I spent a good deal of time concentrating on further development of our new Google sheet which tracks the numerous requests for improvement of the students’ learning and living conditions.We walked over to the Primary Blind school to meet with the Physical Education/Athletic staff, Don and Suzanne, to hear their requests. This is one of John’s primary focuses. The teachers voiced the need for uniforms and various sized soccer balls with bells in the them among other things. We then walked to the nursery school and met with the headmaster. The children are absolutely adorable, lovingly attacking us and attaching themselves to us. One in particular held my hand most of the time during our visit with Sister while we were assessing conditions at the school. Midafternoon, we enlisted the assistance of my brother-in-law and his wife, Bill and Val Baker of Mansfield, PA. Using their farming expertise, they will help review the farming proposals for the three schools (dairy production, a piggery, and chicken/turkey production).Later in the day, we met with Rockfell, Madera bursur, to review some ideas for major projects. Walking the campus and discussing the  proposals reinforced our desire to improve the girls’ lives at St. Ann’s.Bill

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