Just the beginning…

On August 2, my dad (Gerard Duphiney), Sister Mary Cecilia (Sr. Cissie), and I will be traveling 8,829 miles to Uganda.

While we are in Uganda, my dad will be teaching at the Madera Blind High School, the only vision impaired school in all of Uganda. In some countries, being blind is looked upon as a curse by many. Families neglect their children by simply leaving them somewhere. By the grace of God, compassionate sisters have taken in these defenseless children and have raised them in education and love. The safe and beneficial environment gives each child a chance. They all share a passion for music, making instruments out of spare parts and drum sticks out of tree branches.blind1-700x674

I will be teaching at St. Ann’s- Madera Girls’ Primary School. This school has around 900 students in total, but I will be teaching the Primary 3 class. For those who do not know, the Uganda school system (and some neighboring countries) has 7 levels of primary school and 6 levels of secondary eduction. Primary 3 is around the equivalent to third grade. The primary 3 class has about 100 students, split up into classes. For those who have asked, I am teaching English, along with writing and reading. For now, that is all I know. Uganda is 7 hours ahead of EST (Eastern Standard Time) so when you are all going to bed, a day in Uganda is beginning. This is just the beginning.1

St. Ann’s- Madera Girls’ Primary School in Soroti, Uganda.

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